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NPIRS and ALSTAR Training Webinars

NPIRS conducts webinar training sessions at their Spring meeting and Fall conference and throughout the year. Watch for email announcments of these offerings.

On-site training may be requested by an organization. There is no cost for the training, however travel expenses are covered by the organization.

To learn about the webinars and register, go to the NPIRS, NSPIRS or ALSTAR subscription websites. The following training is only available to members.

  • NPIRS/NSPIRS New Member's Webinar Session
  • NPIRS Webinar Series
  • ALSTAR Company and State Webinar Training

The following materials are under 'Resources' in NPIRS, NSPIRS and ALSTAR subscription websites:
  • NPIRS Ready Reference - facts about using keywords for searching, understanding the dictionaries, database search/output/interaction options
  • NPIRS Training Manual - latest training manual with step by step illustration for conducting searches
  • ALSTAR Ready Reference - a how to manual with frequently asked questions
Past Webinar Participants

I am new to NPIRS and was still able to follow along and leave the webinar with the base knowledge needed to conduct searches!…"

The webinar series was extrememly valuable and allowed me to obtain the desired training without incurring travel and lodging costs.…"

Time well spent! The webinar series was great. Conni is a 'wiz' when it comes to searching! …"