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State Subscription Information

An Accepted Labels State Tracking and Repository (ALSTAR) subscription is intended for state regulatory agencies that register pesticide products for companies participating in the ALSTAR program. There is no charge for a state regulatory agency to subscribe to ALSTAR. A state may choose to upgrade their ALSTAR participation level to access specialized tools developed for their use. States choosing to upgrade will pay the same costs as company participants. States participating in ALSTAR will receive a free basic subscription for the NPIRS State Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NSPIRS) valued at $975 per year.

To subscribe, states must complete the State Subscription Application, Billing Authorization and sign the agreement to abide by the Standards for Participation. The Upgrade Billing Authorization is only required if the state wishes to upgrade their ALSTAR or NSPIRS basic subscriptions.

NPIRS reserves the right to deny subscriptions to individuals or organizations that produce similar systems and/or websites that may be deemed competitors.

An ALSTAR subscription includes:

  • Up to 10 User IDs
  • One year unlimited access to all ALSTAR services for either companies or states
ALSTAR Upgrades:
  • Specialized Tools - $1,275

A complimentary NSPIRS basic subscription includes:

  • Up to 20 User IDs
  • One year unlimited access to all information available on NSPIRS including all state data with associated federal data
NSPIRS Upgrades:
  • Federal Product - $500
  • Federal and PDMS - $1000

States may choose to upgrade the complimentary NSPIRS basic state subscription to add the Federal Pesticide Product Database and the Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS) for a fee of $500 for each database. The federal upgrade allows searching to begin at the federal level as opposed to the state level. The PDMS database includes information on studies submitted to U.S. EPA in support of product registration. There is no requirement that a state upgrade and the decision should be determined by individual state needs.

Subscription Forms