Profiles and Member Information

We need your help. We are in the process of creating profiles for NPIRS and NSPIRS members similar to the user profiles in ALSTAR. Over the past few weeks, we have been sending emails to the NPIRS and NSPIRS contact for your organization. These emails have attachments that contain NPIRS or NSPIRS member information. If you are the contact person and did not receive the email, let us know immediately. If you did receive the email, please correct one of the attached files (PDF or DOC) or if no corrections or changes are required, please indicate that before returning the PDF or DOC file. You can also make changes or add users by using the Account Changes Form.

To return the PDF, DOC or the account changes form, email For questions, call 765-494-4576.

We sincerely appreciate your help in updating our NPIRS and NSPIRS member information.

About Us

NPIRS is one of four projects that comprise the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems (CERIS) and is located within the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. CERIS is a center at Purdue University under the administration of the Department of Entomology. All of the CERIS projects contribute to Purdue University's mission as a land-grant institution, and mutually benefit from lower operational costs and shared technical expertise.

NPIRS is a collection of pesticide-related databases, applications, and websites whose primary purpose is to disseminate timely and accurate information at an affordable cost. The pesticide product data received from EPA and state regulatory agencies is the basis for all applications available under the NPIRS project.

For over a quarter of a century, NPIRS has served the needs of a diverse user community composed of both federal and state regulators and the pesticide businesses they regulate. Database applications and secure websites developed by NPIRS are regularly accessed by over 1,200 members located throughout the world. In addition, the NPIRS public websites currently receive over five million hits per year.