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Custom Searches for NPIRS and NSPIRS Members

NPIRS members may request that a custom search be conducted for them by an NPIRS staff member.

Custom searches will be conducted using the NPIRS member's account information (User Name and Password). In doing so, the 'web hit' charges are incurred on the member's account and will be reflected in their monthly invoice.

The NPIRS staff will contact the member upon receipt of the request to obtain the member's password, if the current password is not on file with NPIRS.

Custom searching will be done as time permits. Critical and routine NPIRS tasks will take precendence over custom searches. Therefore, NPIRS staff can not guarantee start or completion dates BUT will do their best to conduct the search and provide output files in a timely manner.

Output files from the custom search may be created in a variety of forms, which are emailed to the member.

The rate for NPIRS staff to conduct the custom search will be $92 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments with a one hour minimum. Consequently, the monthly invoice will contain charges for both the number of 'web hits' and the NPIRS staff time for conducting the custom search.

Please complete the form to request your custom search. All of the form fields are required.

request a custom search
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