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Bridging Companies and States

The Accepted Labels State Tracking and Repository (ALSTAR) project is an NPIRS initiative that began in October, 2004 at a meeting organized by NPIRS and hosted by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the need and feasibility of developing a national repository of state-specific electronic pesticide labels. Since 2004, over 200 representatives from pesticide registrant and consultant companies, state regulatory agencies, U.S. EPA, and other interested parties have taken part in thirty-some meetings pertaining to the development of ALSTAR.

Currently forty states are ALSTAR members. The ALSTAR secure website is used by member companies to upload and transfer electronic pesticide product labels to ALSTAR member states. State members use ALSTAR to review and accept product labels transferred to them. After state acceptance, current versions of product labels are made available for each member state on the NPIRS State Public website where anyone can access the labels free of charge. All versions of state-accepted labels are available on the NPIRS and NSPIRS websites for subscribing members. A 10-tier subscription rate starting at $275 per year is offered to registrant and consultant companies.       ALSTAR Interest Form

About Us

NPIRS is one of four projects that comprise the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems (CERIS) and is located within the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. CERIS is a center at Purdue University under the administration of the Department of Entomology. All of the CERIS projects contribute to Purdue University's mission as a land-grant institution, and mutually benefit from lower operational costs and shared technical expertise.

NPIRS is a collection of pesticide-related databases, applications, and websites whose primary purpose is to disseminate timely and accurate information at an affordable cost. The pesticide product data received from EPA and state regulatory agencies is the basis for all applications available under the NPIRS project.

For over a quarter of a century, NPIRS has served the needs of a diverse user community composed of both federal and state regulators and the pesticide businesses they regulate. Database applications and secure websites developed by NPIRS are regularly accessed by over 1,200 members located throughout the world. In addition, the NPIRS public websites currently receive over five million hits per year.